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Compliant Websites, Compelling Content and Technical SEO

What if you could work with a firm who gave you the right advice to start with?


et’s cut to the chase. Succeeding in Natural Search is about three things:

  1. Setting the right technical foundation
  2. Creating compelling, optimised content for your audience
  3. Doing things that earn interest in your brand, on and off site

At sebdigital, we excel in the first two; getting the basics in place and developing content.

  • We build websites the way they should be built
  • We help fix websites that weren’t built or promoted properly in the first place
  • We create or provide guidelines for the content that your target audience will find you through.

We are also partnered with great people who can help you with the third part of natural search success, earning your brand credibility and interest.

Honesty is present in everything we do, so if you need a trustworthy partner for the future then please read on.

“Seb is a true expert in digital marketing. The service he offers is totally outstanding, top quality work at all times. Knowing that Seb has full control of the whites bodyworks website and digital marketing is probably the best thing that’s happened to us. This guy is a true professional, don’t use anyone else! If you need any reassurance contact me directly.” 

Phil White

White's Bodyworks



Technical SEO



e’ve been making sense of Google since they got smart. We’ve resolved website penalties, recoverd lost traffic and made websites compliant. We’ve spent time establishing the right way of getting ahead.

More on Expert, Technical SEO Services.

Custom, SEO’d WordPress Sites



9% of web design agencies can sit across the table from you with a straight face and claim that their websites come ‘SEO’d’. As a firm who have been dealing with search engine compliance and optimisation for more than 6 years, we have some news for you…

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Laser-targeted Content



or any business in a niche where there is even a smattering of competition, it is vital that there is content which meets a prospective customer’s requirement. We help clients optimise existing content, create new content and develop content strategies for the future.

More on our Keyword Research and Content Services.

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If you have a technical SEO issue, a custom WordPress site requirement or you need some delicious content, then please do get in touch.

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