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sebdigital can get you on the map.

Local, Technical + Strategic SEO Services, from our base between Battle and Heathfield in East Sussex.

Local SEO

If you are a business offering a product or service that is suitable for a local audience, it is vital that your website is optimised locally. We can help you do that. We will assess the size and importance of your local search markets, create appropriate content for these, implement appropriate markup to optimise your site and develop your off-site local signals through your business listings and citations.

SEO Campaigns

The gap between where your online presence is and where you want it to be needs a plan to bridge the divide. Our SEO campaigns are based on a strategy that considers: all of your assets and resources, where you sit in relation to your competitors, how your competitors operate, any compliance issues affecting your business, content opportunities that may be specific to your sector and ways your business can build its online authority and the search opportunities open to it.

Website Migrations

SEO gains are the first casualties of a relaunch. We are past masters at helping you not throw your baby out with the bath water. Our migration audit and supervision will ensure that no legacy issues are inherited by your new site but also that what it did well is maintained. We work closely with your development team to ensure that nothing gets lost in the mix.

Link Penalty Removal

It’s OK: you are down but not out! A Google penalty is not the end of your online presence – but it is a very serious setback. We can help you to quickly overcome the seemingly catastrophic effects of complex algorithmic and manual penalties.

Technical Audits

Our full technical audits offer you a blueprint to success. They comprehensively reveal exactly how your site can be optimised by considering every vital facet that may affect its search engine rankings and performance. We check your website’s accessibility to ensure that every area you want to be crawled is visited by the search engine spiders. We next make sure that everything is indexed by the capricious search engine. On-site ranking factors are the many and myriad ways that your site’s development can inadvertently impede its successful optimisation.

Keyword Research

Businesses looking to increase their online exposure, specifically via the search engines, need to ensure that the products and services they offer are reflected on their website in a way that users and search engines would expect. The search engines are pretty smart these days. They understand that the same product or service may have different name variations. Nevertheless, it still makes a difference having an ‘optimised’ page over a page written without a keyword theme focus.

Locations Served

We offer SEO all over the UK but we’re especially interested in working with local agencies, businesses and individuals. If you’re based in or around these local areas please do give us a shout!


Eastbourne | Hastings | Brighton | Battle | Heathfield

Ranking Achievements

SEO is about so much more than rankings… though in our experience they’re still the metric everyone is interested in.

Classic Car Restoration

1st page, Google UK

Car Respray

1st page, Google UK

Motorcycle Respray

1st page, Google UK

CIM Course

1st page, Google UK

Branded Corporate Gifts

1st page, Google UK

Marketing Merchandise

1st page, Google UK

“Seb is a true expert in digital marketing. The service he offers is totally outstanding, top quality work at all times. Knowing that Seb has full control of our website and its digital marketing is probably the best thing that’s happened to us. This guy is a true professional, don’t use anyone else! If you need any reassurance contact me directly.”

Phil White

Owner, White’s Bodyworks

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